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Returns & Refund Policy



Distributor : ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL, a commercial company organized and existing in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic, with its National Taxpayer Registry No. 1-30-94460-1, Commercial Registry No. 92144SD, with its registered office and main establishment on Avenida John F. Kennedy corner Calle Paseo De Los Aviadores, Plaza Sambil Shopping Center, Local No.G36, Second Level, Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic.

Policies : Our guarantee, exchange and return policies have the main objective of satisfying the customers of ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL , establishing the guidelines to follow to facilitate the process of exchange and returns of products that can be purchased at ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL, related to wigs, permanent and removable extensions. The determined procedure is guided by the provisions established by the Law  No. 358-05 on Protection of Consumer or User Rights (hereinafter, “Law No. 358-05”) and other complementary regulations.

By virtue of the above, the commercial company ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL guarantees the quality of its products related to wigs, permanent and removable extensions under the following conditions:

  1. Term and Product Data: This warranty will be valid for one (01) month from the issuance of the sales invoice to the customer. Likewise, the invoice will have the data of the product purchased by the client.

  1. Guarantee Request : When the client requests the guarantee, they must present the invoice with which the product was purchased in the establishments of the commercial company ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL, together with this guarantee to enforce it. This warranty will only be valid if it is presented together with the purchase invoice for the product under warranty and it is verified that the customer has complied with the Conditions of Use and Care. The guarantee will be requested in the customer service department of any of the commercial establishments of the commercial company ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL, through which it will be processed to the ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL establishment where the product with guarantee has been purchased for validation. inventory and verification of compliance with the Conditions of Use and Care, and will inform the client if their request is appropriate.

  1. Conditions of Care and Use: The client must maintain the wigs, permanent and removable extensions in accordance with the care and maintenance conditions described below:

  1. Perform maintenance
  2. Wash, at least weekly, with mild, sulfate-free, pH neutral shampoo, leave-in conditioner and products containing keratin. It is not advisable to use products containing ammonium or peroxide. It is recommended to brush your hair before washing it, from the ends to the roots. Remove all traces of shampoo or treatment. You can dry them gently with a towel, avoid rubbing them.
  3. It is advisable to brush your hair from the ends to the roots, but brushing, never combing. several times a day and especially before going to sleep. The type of brush to use must be flexible bristles to avoid damaging the joints. Do not rub the extensions or brush them wet.
  4. It is recommended to apply a hair mask once a week.
  5. When sleeping, it is recommended to put your hair in a ponytail.
  6. Avoid permanent dyes in extensions. If you intend to dye them, it is advisable to use semi-permanent dyes. Once dyed, it is very important to hydrate them with each wash.
  7. Salt water from the sea and chlorine from the pool dry out the extensions excessively and it is recommended that they not get wet. If you enter salt or chlorinated water, tie your hair up and cover with a swimming cap.
  8. Always use a heat protectant when blow drying, using a heat iron or curling iron. After drying, it is recommended to use a serum for the ends.
  9. No product will be returned or accepted if it has been modified (cut or color).
  10. For this guarantee to operate, the client must make any modification or treatment to the product purchased through the services of ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL.

  1. Excluded Risks: This guarantee will not have effect if the product is damaged due to misuse by the customer through non-observance of the conditions of care and use established in this Warranty Statement.


  1. Replaced Products: All products replaced after making this warranty will become the property of ARIANNY BEAUTY, SRL.

  1. D evolution : We reserve the rights of return, some products are covered for return, first you must contact us briefly explain the reason for the return to be accepted, then we have to evaluate the condition of the product upon receiving it and if everything is in good condition We will proceed with the return. The shipping price is not included in the return and the customer is responsible for paying for shipping the product back to us.