About Us

Riva Hair Extension Center

I created Riva Hair Extension Center , my hair extensions store with the aim of becoming a real brand, that its essence, quality and exclusivity were recognized by the public , it all started when I was just 11 years old, I used a product that It was not suitable for me and that caused me to lose my hair and from that moment on I started using extensions.

My name is Arianny, I come from a small town in the Dominican Republic and there they started bullying me; My sister in particular felt very bad that I was going through such a situation at such a young age and suggested that we go to a professional to get some extensions.

The moment I put on the extensions I felt that my life changed, because I no longer suffered from the absence of one of the elements that most characterizes a woman. Sometimes we underestimate the appreciation we have for our hair and the strength it gives us as women. I was able to see this first-hand because my self-esteem improved significantly the moment I was able to recover the appearance I had before losing my hair, which is why my purpose is to Connect with the Essence of Women.